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How To : Mentally Prepare for Matches

How To : Mentally Prepare for Matches


We as a coaching staff firmly believe that each wrestling match begins before you shake hands with your opponent. Practice is over and now it's time to get after your opponent. Check out these links and read how to get ready to wrestle before you step on the mat. 



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Mental Toughness Example

A former teammate of mine from Rhode Island College is a great example. Ian Coyne was never pinned in high school or college. It had nothing to do with his wrestling abilities. Yes he was a good wrestler. But he had his share of bad losses. The key is that he never allowed himself to feel sorry and give up. You have to give up to be pinned. There is no way around that.

A former coach of mine always used to say, “If your back was on a hot metal plate, you’d get up.” He was and is still right. Not allowing yourself to be pinned is mental toughness. There must have been many times when Coyne could have given up and let a pin happen. That is the easy way out. I can remember one clear instance when he was wrestling the top ranked wrestler in the country and was down 10-1 in the final period. He continued to come after his opponent and frustrated him greatly. He may have lost the match but his spirit was not broken. This example of mental toughness is something all wrestlers should strive to do.

Make it one of your goals to never be pinned again. If you want that bad enough, the next time you find yourself on your back, you will have the mental toughness to get off it and once you’re off of it, to come back and win.


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