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Jeff Jordan Camp Links

Brawl drill
Inside tie and circle

Coach Myers inside tie rotation to single

Inside tie to shot and finish

Barnyard roll defense
Funk roll

Set up to clear arm
Must have a go to scoring attack
Jeff Jordan how to get to the head inside single
Jab step to trail leg
Jeff Jordans five steps to finish head inside single chase the far ankle
Coach Mack's swing and swim when opponent locks around your waist
Head outside single defense
The Nibert-a pinning combination from defense
Five keys to winning from Coach Leng
The auble (peak out) from Coach Leng
Auble drill
Head inside single cut back
Jeff Jordan variation of three-quarter pinning combination
The Jordan banana split
Low Smith single
Duck double
Slide by a.k.a. wristwatch
Angle knee drop (stressing good position)
Head inside single to dump
High finishes for head inside single
Hi crotch to double
Finishes from hot crotch and head outside single
Butt slide
Head outside dump
Head outside single fake dump
Elbow post to head outside single
Power lift finish
Underhook head position to front headlock
Double unders to front headlock
Front headlock to head in the hole
Kobe (pinning combination)
If opponent steps back during Kobe 
Step hop and pull to butt drag
Step hop and pull to near ankle (put elbow on the mat)
Mat return "cross scissor trip"
Spencer Lee tilt

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