Hurricane High School and Middle School utilize the mobile app called InstaTeam which allows for all members (wrestlers, parents, and coaches) to communicate securely without sharing any personal information.  InstaTeam will assist with up-to-date scheduling and event communications, both for practice and matches, as well as the ability to share and communicate with each other (pictures, messages, ect.)  All this will is available via your smartphone or online once you’ve downloaded the app and join the team.

The app is up and running, so when you reach Step 3 below, simply enter the team code for the team you are joining (Middle, High, or the USA Wrestling Club).   Once you create an account on InstaTeam and join, you will have access to the team events and communication.


Signup Instructions

Step 1:

Visit ‘Google Play’ on your Android device (e.g. Samsung, Motorola) or visit ‘App Store’ on your iPhone, iPad or iPod and search for the “InstaTeam Team” App, or go online and search “InstaTeam.”

Step 2:

Follow the instructions provided to create a new account or login using your existing Facebook or Google account.

Step 3:

To find your team and join it, you can search for the team

Middle School             “HMS Wrestling” or “BURYM7”

High School                  “Hurricane High School Wrestling” or “TALHGX”

USA Wrestling Club       “Hurricane USA Wrestling Club” or “TALWNW”

Step 4:

Click on the team and then click Join.

Hurricane High School

Team Code: TALHGX

Hurricane Middle School

Team Code: BURYM7

Hurricane USA Wrestling Club

Team Code: TALWNW