Don’t Throw Away Old Wrestling Shoes

Wrestling is the greatest sport on the planet! We believe any kid that wants to wrestle should be able to. We don’t think any child should be turned away from wrestling because they don’t have money to buy wrestling shoes.

This is the belief of the Hurricane High School, Hurricane Middle School and Hurricane Youth League Coaches!

That is why they started a “Wrestle in my Shoes” for Hurricane Wrestlers.

Wrestling shoes for kids are expensive and one of the best ways that parents can help grow the sport of wrestling is to donate their child’s old wrestling shoes. By giving away old wrestling shoes, you are directly helping the sport of wrestling. A child that uses a pair of donated wrestling shoes may have his/her life changed forever. Your generosity may keep a kid off the streets…. That child might turn into an Olympic wrestling champion. (You never know the magnitude of your donation)

Shoes donated, are then washed, cleaned and made available to ANY Hurricane Wrestler that needs wrestling shoes!