NUTRITION  – Wrestling_Nutrition_Ideas_Booklet

As we prepare for our season and gear up for matches, please be mindful of ensuring nutritious meals and snacks for your wrestler.  At this point, the wrestlers need to be taking responsibility for their weight/nutrition management, with guidance from their parents and coaches.  Each wrestler is expected to be ready for each and every match – physically, mentally and nutritionally.  This means that in order for them to perform their best, they have to be consuming food that ensures they are ready to compete.

No wrestler is to visit the concession stand during matches and tournaments; instead I encourage all wrestlers to pack their food for the events using the guidelines below.  Be sure to adjust quantities for evening matches or all day events, keeping in mind that healthy portion sizes are also important.

DO NOT INCLUDE JUNK FOOD of any kind.  If requested, Coach Burch is more than happy to provide you with additional lists of healthy food choices that will ward off hunger and provide long-lasting nourishment and energy to your wrestler rather than zapping the energy needed to sustain him through his matches.

Some foods we have encouraged in the past include:

  • Water and lots of it
  • peanut butter sandwich
  • turkey sandwich (without all the cheese, mayo and toppings)
  • bananas/ oranges (cuties)/ apples/ grapes/ other fruits
  • any vegetables (carrots/celery sticks and peanut butter)
  • fig newtons/ animal crackers/ granola bars
  • string cheese


Foods to AVOID include:

  • any type of potato/ snack chips (with the exception of pretzels)
  • soda/ pop/ energy drinks
  • lunch cakes/ cookies/ candy
  • food high in salt content
  • pizza/ burgers/ hot dogs/ other fast food