Summer Conditioning Programs

Both summer programs are focused on overall strength, speed, explosiveness, and mental toughness for young athletes.  The majority of our participants are wrestlers, but this is open to any young athlete who is interested in improving in these areas.

Hurricane Strong

Hurricane Strong is aimed at Middle School and High School aged athletes, even though some 6th graders may be better off in Hurricane Strong Jr.  With Hurricane Strong we focus on basic Olympic style lifts in the weight room 2-3 days per week, and then we focus on functional strength and stamina using heavy tires, sand bags, kettle bells, battle ropes, sleds, etc……. 2-3 days per week.  The ability to push and pull ones own body weight is a necessary prerequisite for Hurricane Strong.

The program runs 5 days per week, and generally starts the first Monday after school is out.

Hurricane Strong Jr.

Hurricane Strong Jr. is aimed at ages 7-11 or 12.  It is strictly body weight work, agility work, mental toughness, and partner strength drills.  This program helps develop the mental side of the athlete and builds a strong foundation of basic strength that is necessary before starting to use weights.  Hurricane Strong Jr. runs 4 days per week, and is coached by Joshua Talbott, who is currently a wrestler at West Liberty University (NCAA Div 2).  There is testing done prior to the start of the program and multiple times during the program to gauge progress and provide parents with evidence of how their athlete is doing.