Off Season Conditioning

 Monday and Wednesday
2 mile run (incorporate hills, stairs, inclines if possible)    
 Tuesday and Thursday
1/2 mile warmup run
1 minute set of the below:
Jumping Jacks
Push Ups
Body Squats (knuckle draggers or Hindu Squats)
Dive Bombers
Toy Soldiers
Mountain Climbers
15 pull ups
Bench Press
Dead Lift
Strict Press
Power Clean
2 sets of reps to failure: Use heavy enough weight that they can do a minimum of 10 reps, but no more than 15.  If needed continue to add weight until they get to that point with good form.  Never sacrifice form for weight.  Cycle through all the exercises listed for 1 set with no rest between exercises.  Rest 3 minutes, then repeat for the second set. Conditioning- 100m sprint followed by 100m walk – 10x
Abs- 1 minute sets of ab exercise of their choice, using 5 different exercises for a total of 5 minutes of ab work.  They learned about 12 different exercises this summer, so picking 5 should be easy.

Total time of workout should take approximately 1.25 – 1.5 hours

1 mile run
100 push ups
100 body squats
100 sit ups
50 burpees
20 pull ups

Saturday and Sunday are rest days- Use them wisely.  Proceed and follow each workout session with the stretching routine learned during summer conditioning.